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DSM (DropShipMonster) is a world’s leading dropship and logistic service company, We have a wide experience in overland industry specific logistic solutions and integrations with Amazon, WalMart, eBay, etc.

We bring your products safely to your worldwide destinations, complete with real-time tracking and notifications without delay.

3PL Fulfillment

We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable 3PL (third-party logistics) providers for eCommerce businesses, subscription box companies, and stores of all sizes.

eCommerce Fulfillment

You’ve done the hard part of developing your products and selling them to your customers. Now let us help you get those orders out to your customers doorstep.

Amazon Services

We are well-versed in Amazon’s requirements and we have prepped many clients for FBA. We know how to do the job right. Take a look at all our Amazon Services offered.

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DropShipMonster eCommerce

Pick & Pack

In addition to an automated order fulfillment system that aids in scrupulous picking & packing, we have the bandwidth to fulfill up to 10,000 orders daily.

DSM’s background as a 3PL and our extensive professional network allows us to work some serious shipping magic and provide best-in-class service to our merchants. We joined forces with many of the world’s most dependable carriers to secure heavily discounted shipping rates, and the best part is that these steep savings are passed directly to you and your customers. In turn, you get complete control over your shipping costs and invaluable peace of mind that your orders will always be delivered on time.

To maintain customer satisfaction at an all-time high, keeping returns and exchanges hassle-free is an absolute must. Once again, that’s where our mastery of third-party logistics comes in handy. Our tailored solutions ensure that returns and exchanges are far from time-consuming and costly, and, instead, a satisfactory experience for you and your customers. Aside from accepting returns from multiple product categories, we’re also able to easily exchange SKUs for different sizes and colors, as well as perform product testing, assessment, and sorting.

Growing eCommerce businesses require special attention, whether it’s to gain traction or transition into full-blown world domination. DSM Engineers are dedicated account managers that are responsible for answering questions and resolving concerns. All of our Engineers go through a comprehensive training process, so nothing is too big or too small for them to take on.

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We check all the boxes

DropShipMonster prides itself in the quality in our work, so we make sure to double, triple check orders before they ship.


We always check to make sure orders are correctly processed and are valid on our platform.

Quality Control

Unlike the BIGGER fulfillment services, we like to hand check items, so not to ship something damaged.


We make sure the packing and box are a fit for your orders, no more getting a House sized box for a small item.


With miltiple pickups per day, we like to pick, pack, and ship as quickly as possible to get your orders on the way.


We do offer return services and offer custom solutions, be sure to ask your rep about this service.

Leading Edge

We like to stay current and beyond with technology, our platform integrates with 75+ providers and solutions, giving you the tools you need.

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From the start, you have a dedicated contact at DropShipMonster who will eat, breathe, and live your account. Behind the scenes, they’re supported by a team of specialists from our Technology, Support and Ops teams. Our team is an extension of your team.

Services Up-Time Guarantee
Fast Shipping
Product Returns
Dedicated Support

inside DropShipMonster

We would be nothing witout the hardwork and support of our amazing staff, whom you will be happy to assist you with your account and concerns.

DropShipMonster has an oustanding Support and Customer satisfaction agenda, always striving to make each package the best it can be. All kidding aside, we understand that first impressions matter when your package arrives to your customer.

Scott R.

Lead Support Agent

Members of our leadership team are in our warehouses every week testing new ideas and features so that we can deliver on our promise to give you the best services as possible.

Natasha l.

Warehouse Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a small list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get, dont worry if yours are not listed, we are hear to assist you.

Does DropShipMonster outsource the running of its warehouses?

No, all of DropShipMonster’s warehouses are owned, operated and staffed by DropShipMonster employees.

DropShipMonster clients have 24/7 access to the Support Center through our in-app ticketing system. For general questions on billing, returns or inventory management, please visit our Support Knowledge Base

Our main payment method is credit cards. For larger U.S. accounts, it is possible to set up ACH with pre-approval from the Sales team.

The best way to contact our Client Support team is by navigating to our support system in your account when logged in.

DropShipMonster integrates with dozens of partners to include even more functionality to our services. A complete list of our integration partners can be found here.

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If you have any questions about what we offer for consumers or for business, you can always email us or call us via the below details. We’ll reply within 24 hours.

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